The RECOPAK range of palletisers offer a very compact footprint. Maximizing floor space, reduces labour costs, increase your productivity and most importantly eliminate any issues with occupational health and safety.

Our Robotic Palletising solutions provide continuous operation for your palletising process.

Increasing the efficiency of your workplace and reducing the outgoings is the aim of any business and RECOPAK have your total palletising solutions.

A typical Palletising system can contain:

  • An infeed pallet conveyor designed to dispense and transport empty pallets to the load stations and an outfeed pallet conveyor to transport full pallets out of the machine.
  • An infeed line conveyor to transport and group cases ready for the robot to collect.
  • A robotic arm and gripper to collect the grouped cases and place them on the selected pallets in the desired or required pattern.
  • A pallet wrapper to securely wrap the finished pallets with a plastic film ensuring for safe transport is optional.
  • Technical Data

    Main Voltage:  400 Volt – 3 Phase (5 wire)

    Control Voltage:  24 Volt DC

    Control System:  Allen Bradley PLC (Standard)

    Pneumatics:  FESTO (Standard)

    Electrical Load:  Pending application

    Air Supply: Clean dry air at minimum Pressure of 560 Kpa

    Speed: Up to 50 Cases per minute pending product and case size

  • Machine Features

    • Compact Footprint

    • Automatic Pallet Dispenser

    • Operator friendly HMI Screen

    • Integrated Stretch Wrapper available

    • Automatic Pallet Labelling systems available

    • Varied pick up heads to suit your desired product

    • Multiple infeed systems available to cater for different products at any one time

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